Creating Community Together

Steps in the Reservation Process

Note:  We just completed our final orientation/introductory workshops of the second round of reservations on January 6, 2018.  For those of you who were not able to attend, we will be announcing our plans for the next round of marketing in late February or early March of 2018.

  1. Review the Orientation Guide
  2. Attend the combined CohoMadison orientation and introductory workshop session
  3. Become a "Friend of CohoMadison":  $100 for market-rate buyers, $25 for persons interested in purchasing an affordable home.
  4. Get to know the community through observing business meetings, and participating in committees.
  5. Obtain a prequalification letter from one of our participating lenders.
  6. Submit a reservation application between January 16, 2018 and January 30, 2018.
  7. A lottery will be held in early February 2018 to determine unit assignments.
  8. A waiting list will be established for those folks who were not assigned units.