David Sparer

David SparerDavid R. Sparer has been an attorney in private practice in Dane County since 1979. He is currently a partner with the law firm Herrick & Kasdorf, LLP.

He has focused his practice upon representation of tenants in all types of housing matters. This has ranged from eviction defense, to security deposit claims, to claims seeking damages from the landlord for retaliatory eviction, to personal injury claims by tenants. His representation has also included asserting fair housing claims, for those suffering housing discrimination. He has been a cooperating attorney with the local Fair Housing Councils since 1985. Since that time he has been one of the more active attorneys in the representation of complainants in housing discrimination cases in south central Wisconsin. He received an award for his work from the MEOC in 1993. He was recognized by the Dane County Fair Housing Council as the Cooperating Attorney of the Year in 1991.

He has argued tenant cases before various circuit courts throughout southern Wisconsin and the Courts of Appeals and the State Supreme Court, including the somewhat recent tenant victories in Baierl vs. McTaggart, and Dawson vs. Goldammer.

He serves on numerous Boards and committees related to housing issues, and has been a presenter and trainer in programs regarding Fair Housing claims and Landlord Tenant claims. These trainings have included such programs as Legal Education seminars for new cooperating attorneys with the local Fair Housing Council, and training of staff at Access to Independence and related agencies regarding the rights of the disabled under the various fair housing acts. He has also been a trainer for many years for the Volunteer Lawyers Project for attorneys taking housing cases through our local Legal Services office, Legal Action of Wisconsin. He has given presentations as part of several seminars at the annual convention of the State Bar of Wisconsin as well.

Over the last ten years he has expanded this area of practice to include representation of both commercial landlords and tenants in all types of matters related to commercial landlord tenant relations, including lease negotiation and litigation.

His areas of practice also include a significant focus upon work for cooperatives of all types, from housing coops to grocery coops to farmer coops; helping non-profit organizations, including obtaining tax exempt status. He has worked with housing cooperatives all over the country helping them obtain tax exempt status. He has for several years presented workshops at NASCO's annual convention for cooperatives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, called the NASCO Institute.

In addition to these areas of practice he regularly represent buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. In relation to this subject area he has frquently represented property owners in litigation matters related to real estate transactions.