Creating Community Together

Project Updates

CohoMadison was approved by the Madison Plan Commission on September 18th!  While final approval by the Common Council will not come until October 3rd, this is a huge milestone for the project.  Check out this article in the Cap Times to find out more.

SEPTEMBER 2017:  On September 16th, we reopened marketing in preparation for our second round of reservations in November.  The first step in finding out more about reservation a home at CohoMadison will be attending on October 14th orientation - click on this link to register.

AUGUST 2017:  We've hit three big milestones.  First, we secured $594,000 in subsidy funding from the City of Madison for our eleven affordable units (for households at or below 80% of median income).  Second, we submitted our land use application to the City of Madison on July 19th, which contains detailed building plans and site plans, and which we hope we be approved by mid-October 2017.  And third, we just completed our first round of reservations, where 24 of the 45 units were reserved by current CohoMadison members.

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