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Project Updates

AUGUST, 2018:  WE'VE BROKEN GROUND!  We have the world's greatest groundbreaking on July 18th -- for the world's only project that combines a circus training center, mixed‐income cohousing, and artist studio cooperative.  Check out the video on NBC 15.

Excavation began in earnest on August 20th, which you can follow to your heart's content on the webcam on our homepage.

Marketing for our 9 remaining units will continue through October, with our next day of orientation workshops scheduled for September 22 -- which you can sign up for on our Reservations page.

We're built a brand-new FAQ system -- the CohoMadison KnowledgeBase -- to help answer questions that you may have about the project.  So check it out -- and submit a request for any questions that you would like us to address that we haven't already.

JUNE 2018:  A whole lot is going to be happening over the next month.  We have a construction contract in hand (with Syncromatic Construction), and hope to begin demolition within the next few weeks.  And soon thereafter, we'll hold our official groundbreaking ceremony, which will most definitely be an exciting event.

This month, we are reopening the marketing process, welcoming in a new group of Friends of CohoMadison, and offering our several orientation workshops to introduce new folks to cohousing, group process, and the nitty gritty of condominiums and the home buying process.  In addition to the nine units remaining (see the Plans and Pricing page), we will also provide folks with the opportunity to get on our waiting lists for reserved units.

We will hold orientation workshop days on July 7th and July 21st. Please go to the Reservations page to register.

Lastly, we are pleased to confirm that $400,000 in affordable housing subsidy was approved by the Madison Common Council on May 15th, which is great news for our 11 affordable units.

If you haven't already please join our email list, and read through our Orientation Guide.  Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks!

FEBRUARY 2018:  We just concluded the second round of reservations, and we now have reservations on 35 of our 45 units.  This means that we have exceeded our threshold percentage of reservations (75%) needed to proceed to the construction loan closing -- which is fabulous news.

And now -- we're going to take a bit of a break from marketing.  We will start things up again in May 2018, to coincide with the (hoped for) groundbreaking for the building.

DECEMBER 2017:  We're in the middle of our second round of reservations.  The interest in our project continues to be very, very strong, for which we are entirely grateful.  Our architect, Jim Glueck, is in the process of finalizing floor plans, and preparing for the commencement of work on construction drawings in January.

OCTOBER 2017:  There were two articles relating to CohoMadison in the media this month. The first was an article in the Isthmus about the artists of Winnebago Studios.  And the second was an article in the Wisconsin State Journal about our sister project, Madison Circus Space.

CohoMadison's land use application was approved by the City of Madison Common Council on October 3rd!.  Check out this article in the Cap Times to find out more.

SEPTEMBER 2017:  On September 16th, we reopened marketing in preparation for our second round of reservations in November.

AUGUST 2017:  We've hit two big milestones.  First, we submitted our land use application to the City of Madison on July 19th, which contains detailed building plans and site plans, and which we hope we be approved by mid-October 2017.  And two, we just completed our first round of reservations, where 24 of the 45 units were reserved by current CohoMadison members.

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